the Good Intentions live at Bananas 2-15-11 part I (via artthroughsound) check this shit out, for it is funky. and all that is good is funky. and pleeeeeaase if you like it, share it and repost it all over the motherfuckin net, we could use some hits.

the good intentions at bananas, kaos network leimert park 02-15-11

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Late Bloomer, the first track off of 2009’s ‘The Unreal Folk Blues’, once again with Thee Family Tate. peepit, lemme know what you think, and please, REPOST if you’re diggin it.

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Bad Luck, a tune from my latest record, 2009’s The Unreal Folk Blues, recorded with Thee Family Tate. produced by Olises Naranjo and Noah Terrill. enjoy, repost if you like it, tell me what you think.

we played another great show at the nose again last night, although the first image is not from that show. but it IS from the first show we did at the nose a couple of months ago. and i love that picture. mostly because Sadie looks like she just jumped out of the pages of ‘the Great Gatsby’. word.

the second shot, however, is from last night, Sadie d’Marquéz with the amazing Anders LaSource, who seriously burned it down. a wonderful time indeed.

thanks to all involved, including Mr. Joseph Garate for his wonderful set, Jesse Sears for playing a mean trumpet, and of course Lauren Koester-Martinez for singing a few songs with us. more to come soon.